Battle of Clontarf

I like this event. It’s small. It’s low key. It’s huge levels of fun.

This year had a small wrinkle – the head cook, Perote, fell down the stairs and was unable to walk – or attend the event.  He did have the food prepped and it arrived on site with his mom and ‘sous turned chef of the day’ Sigvaldi. Since it was my plan to help with the food, I kept that as the plan and helped Sigvaldi instead.  Roasters and crocks were plugged in and filled.  Which was how it was discovered that plugging in more than two at a time blew the circuit. A few quick adjustments were made and food again began to heat up.  The rest of the food we began to plate and set out as per direction and it worked out perfectly.

The day was a bit gray and definitely on the cool side, so we all expected the hot food to be well received – and it was. There was beer braised chicken, curried lentil soup, poached pears, unpoached pears, oranges, hard boiled eggs, pickles and pickled veggies, cheese, yogurt and marmalade, and fresh greens. It was all very yummy.

I managed to watch some of the heavy tournament – which looked awesome. Late in the afternoon I ran the Baronial Champs throwing tourney. I let everyone throw but the winner of the baldric had to be a barony resident.  I had the targets set up with labeled quarters and would call a quarter for the people to hit – without crossing the chalked lines on the target.  I had a lot of new throwers give it a try.  It was a great deal of fun. There were some truly awesome throws – with axes and knives stuck in the target itself, or handle first into the ground. We did a second round of an Aces throw – 4 aces on the target – the marshal picks a color. In the end, the highest score went to Sigvaldi – a non-resident of the Barony. The Baronial Baldric was given to Lady Juliana – a first time thrower. It was really fun to marshal a tourney again. I haven’t done so in far far too long.  It has given me all sorts of evil ideas for another one that I have coming up in the fall. Bwahhaahahaa.

Many worthy people were recognized during court and overall, I think the day went very well. I know that I had fun, and I think many others did as well.


About Mistress Nest

Barwnes Nest ferch Rhys, OP Kingdom of AEthelmearc, Shire of Sterlynge Vayle Seneschale of Sterlynge Vayle I have lots of interests and am working on building my persona more fully.
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2 Responses to Battle of Clontarf

  1. rovingraven says:

    What is it that makes thrown and archery marshals turn evil? You start off with “first round is to hit the broad side of this barn…it counts if it doesn’t stick” and before long we get “blindfolded, backward, off of his excellency’s coronet, past children’s activities, into a spinning tennis ball, nothing but net.”


    • Barwnes Nest says:

      It is a skill. Aiming for a gold circle is all nice and stuff, but being able to put that axe, knife, or spear where YOU want it to go — that is mastery. It also makes our little black hearts giggle in glee.

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