Crown Tourney

I’ve been going back and forth for days now about how to describe this event.  There is so very much to say, but words are not nearly enough, really, to tell about it. Pictures say a great deal, but I took very few, and it isn’t right for me to share the images of others by cherry picking them to post here.

I will say that Spring Crown was amazing. There was amazing pageantry. While I missed the bragging competition due to other obligations, I heard it was awesome. I did get to watch a good bit of the fighting. All I can say is “Wow”.  Some of the best of the best took the field to challenge each other for the right to wear the crowns.  In the end it came down to two combatants.  Duke Timothy and Duke Marcus.  The level of joy these two men had facing each other was darned near infectious. They chatted and joked.  Thru their helms we could see the smiles they wore.  They were there fighting for the crown – and having fun. They both showed such grace and honor, such courtesy and humility.  This was not a fight about one person ‘winning’ and one ‘losing’.  This was about both of them embodying the ideals of chivalry – those knightly virtues we often speak about.  This was about joy and companionship.  There really was no loser in that regard. This post from the Gazette put it all so very much better than I ever possibly could hope to do. AEthelmearc Gazette – Crown Tournament

The day was wonderful.  The kitchen crew was hard at work to keep everyone fed – and having people coming around with food throughout the day was a lot of fun. It certainly added to the festiveness of the day.  There is nothing quite so fun as people coming around with pretzels, and stuffed breads, and many other delights.  I had a couple of friends with me who were attending their first crown tournament. They enjoyed themselves (even if where our pop up was located was a bit on the muddy side).

Court was delightful.  I word-smithed my first scroll – and it was given at Court to someone I love dearly who was being honored with the Fleur d’Æthelmearc.  Shortly afterwards another person I greatly admire was given a writ to join the Order of the Pelican. So many other wonderful awards were given out – I can’t possibly name them all – but there were well deserved Keystones, Millrinds, Fleurs…  just – wonderful all around. I love seeing my friends honored for doing good things and being the talented and wonderful people that they are.

Shortly after court my friends and I headed home due to family obligations. We had wonderful discussion on the way home, and I got to answer any questions on things they did not understand.  They both said they wanted to go to another event as this was so much fun.

I do love sharing this hobby with others. It really has something for just about everyone.

About Mistress Nest

Barwnes Nest ferch Rhys, OP Kingdom of AEthelmearc, Shire of Sterlynge Vayle Seneschale of Sterlynge Vayle I have lots of interests and am working on building my persona more fully.
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2 Responses to Crown Tourney

  1. rovingraven says:

    It was indeed a good day, and it was good seeing you. Maybe it is just me, but I think AEthelmearc has dialed up the honor in the past few crowns.


    • Barwnes Nest says:

      They have always been awesome. I am inclined to agree with you though. It seems to be less about winning the crown, and more about testing yourself against some of the best and having fun with family.

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