General SCA Update

There are a lot of things going on SCA wise for me right now, so much so that I haven’t been posting about them.

Local Group – The shire is still around, but it is currently only barely functional.  It seems that a good portion of our populace is taking a bit of a break from things.  It is both understandable and frustrating. I understand wanting and needing to take a break.  It is frustrating as I would love to have more new people coming out to see what we do, but having so few people there makes it hard as it presents a terrible image. I’m not entirely sure how to excite people to come out either.  That makes me so frustrated.

Queen’s Guard – I am a member of the Queen’s Guard for Her Majesty Gabrielle.  This is a position that I have not held before, and so far, it has been interesting. I am not in the best of shape, and this is definitely pushing my abilities.  It is also pushing me to do better with my own health so I can better able to act as a guard. That is a plus.

Queen’s Guard Quest – As part of the Guard, our Chivalry Advisor issued a Quest to all of us.  I am not sure if I will be able to complete it, but I will be trying to for sure.  I think my sticking point is going to be finding members of the White Horn that I can challenge.  While there are many, being in the same place as they are may be a bit of a problem.  If I had been able to make it to War Practice, or if I were likely to make Pennsic I don’t think I would have much of a concern with it.  I have a plan, I just have to hope the people are available to make it work.

100 Days of A&S – A challenge was issued to undertake 100 days of A&S. I am in the middle of it.  I am working with Duolingo to learn Welsh, and working on a couple of string projects that I have. I also have a couple of books that I am working through.

The Spark Challenge – This was issued at Coronation by Their Majesties. Information on it can be found here:  Spark Challenge .  I need to get some pearls to pass out for this.  I would like to earn some as well, but I don’t know that I need to have the physical representation of having done something ‘new’.

10 hours of Service in 100 Days – This is another challenge that I have undertaken, which with what I am already scheduled for – should be pretty easy to do – I tend to have a bit of a ‘helium hand’.  As of this writing, I estimate I have around 3 hours in already.


So, there it is. Some of the stuff going on for me in the SCA right now. Too bad work interferes with my fun.


About Mistress Nest

Barwnes Nest ferch Rhys, OP Kingdom of AEthelmearc, Shire of Sterlynge Vayle Seneschale of Sterlynge Vayle I have lots of interests and am working on building my persona more fully.
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