Finding The Dream

I was cleaning out a folder today and ran across this. Since we are all dealing with social distancing because of Covid-19 and events have been canceled for safety I thought that others might want to see it.

Finding The Dream

by Colin of Tighan

One fine Saturday morning, MiLord woke up and realized he was missing something, something very important to him. Saddened, he suited up in his armor and went out to be inspected.

Sir Knight walked up to him and said, “Good morrow, MiLord! How fare you this day?”

MiLord was dejected. “Sir Knight, I’ve lost The Dream.”

Sir Knight nodded sagely, having seen this before. “Indeed? Well, try a few bouts with my new squire. He needs a few pointers, and I think a few good fights will take your mind off it.” And so it was that for a time MiLord worked with Sir Knight and his squire, and each gave the other something new and useful. When it was done, however, MiLord’s feelings of loss returned to him. Lost in his thoughts, he wandered the camp until he came across Mistress Laurel.

“Poor lad! Such a long face you bear! Whatever can be wrong?”

MiLord told his tale, and Mistress Laurel clucked sympathetically. “Perhaps a new song will lighten your heart! And you can help me with this tunic I am making for a new person in our group.” They sang and made merry, even when he had to hold still while she used him as a model for the tunic, and for a time his search was forgotten. When ’twas done, however, his mind returned once more to his problems. Seeing this, Mistress Laurel laid a hand on his arm and said, “Perhaps Master Pelican can help you find what you seek.” And so he did seek out that worthy.

Master Pelican listened gravely to MiLord’s question. “Where to find The Dream? Oh, my, Well, now, I believe I saw it at Pennsic, could you have lost it there? Or perhaps it was at dance practice, I know I saw you with it then. Oh forsooth, MiLord, I grieve that you have lost The Dream!” MiLord nodded soberly, for by now all his joy had fled. Master Pelican spoke on. “MiLord, I tell you, I think it can be found … but for now, I see someone who needs your Service. Why not ask her?” Master Pelican smiled, and gestured toward a tear-streaked Little Girl who stood helplessly watching them both.

This was not where MiLord expected to find The Dream, but a damsel in distress still deserved his help. He knelt before her and said, “Little Girl, I have lost The Dream. Have you seen it?” Little Girl looked up at him and sniffed back a tear. “I’ve lost my Mommy.”

MiLord saw that his plight was as nothing compared to hers, and with a flourish he swore a great oath that he would no rest until Little Girl was reunited with Mommy. Delighted, Little Girl forgot her tears, and together they sojourned forth in quest of her, and soon enough they found her, likewise distressed at the loss of Little Girl. Bowing, he placed Little Girl in Mommy’s arms, and turned to go. Before he took two steps, Little Girl’s voice stopped him. “You outghta ask the King where your Dream is. He knows *everything*.”

MiLord considered this, and turned his steps toward the King. Soon he knelt before the Throne, and having given proper obeisance, asked, “My Liege – I have lost The Dream! What am I to do?”

The King smiled down at MiLord, and said, “Have you now? Look behind you.”

MiLord turned, and behind him stood New Person. New Person was wearing that same tunic he had patiently been the model for. In his hand was a copy of the song that he had sung. His expression was bright, but a little uncertain.

“MiLord… MiLord, I don’t know what to say. I watched you fight with Chivalry and Honor, and tried to learn from what you showed that squire. I want to be like that, too! I loved the song, and I thank you so much for the tunic! Master Pelican told me how much you have done for everyone, and that Little Girl…you treated that Little Girl like a great Lady. I wept to see it. Please, MiLord, how can I be like you?”

MiLord was shocked. Was this, then, The Dream? Was it right here, all along? How could be have missed it? He heard the King’s voice, soft and wise. “Do you see now, MiLord? The Dream is not something you have. It is something you *do*.”

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Barwnes Nest ferch Rhys, OP Kingdom of AEthelmearc, Shire of Sterlynge Vayle Seneschale of Sterlynge Vayle I have lots of interests and am working on building my persona more fully.
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