Hi, in the real world, I’m Deb, but honestly, I’m more likely to answer to Nest. Deb is a pretty common name. I live in the northeast and have been in the SCA for a bit over 20 years.

Bore Da! Barwnes Nest ferch Rys dw i. (Good day! I’m Baroness Nest ferch Rys.)

I live in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc, currently in the Shire of Sterlynge Vayle. My persona is a Welsh woman from the early 12th century, in northern Wales.

I live near Castell y Bere, and have a small home. My husband, rest his soul, went to war with the English, and was killed. I’ve been doing my best on my own since then.

I enjoy cooking and baking, brewing, making cheese, playing with different fiber-y goodness (knitting, embroidery, and inkle and tablet weaving). I also have a horrid case of “helium hand”.

Things that keep me busy

Help people find the fun

Facilitate shenanigans

Connect people

Help new members find their footing

SCA positions.

Seneschal – Sterlynge Vayle

Chatelaine – Sterlynge Vayle

Thrown Weapons Marshal

Regional Seneschal


A&S Officer

Former Queen’s Guard
Former Royal Retainer